Thursday, August 30, 2007


Shortly after he nearly cried, talking about his "reading to the chilruns" instead of doing that 'financial stuff', the mayor revealed another side of his personality.
"The Spoiled Child" poo pooing the mean o' man!
The best part is when, after saying it, he instantly changes his tune to say something about 'I just was agreeing about the importance of our work together' or something close to that.
You decide.
Does anyone think he knew the camera was on him?
If he had any shame, he'd apologize to Mr Cosby.
Class Act.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Check it out....

Just a little info for anyone concerned.
Theres a yahoo group that is set up for people to join and share ideas, comments, suggestions and complaints concerning out troubles in the County.
Its new and not a whole lot of activity yet but the members seem to be growing.
You can find it here, and send an email here to join:

Its not a hate group, everyones welcome and whatever side you're on, I bet you'll be welcome.

Just a little info for anyone who may be interested, tell your friends, family, and neighbors -should you think they'd be interested.

I plan to have a few words about last nights Comission Meeting soon.

Thanks for reading!