Saturday, February 9, 2008


Just as many had hoped, Knox County Voters have stepped up and done their duty to use their vote to rid the county of some AssHats and begin to sweep up some broken political glass!

At first glance, Scott Moore, aka Scoobie, aka BobbleHead- was the largest looser.
Then again, I think it's a bit too much to make too much of it.
Voting out an uneducated, untraveled, shallow, greedy, selfish, egotistic poor excuse for a human shouldn't be a big deal. Nothing more than people taking a look at a punk who had some luck and timing to get to where he was.
Happily, for the voters, he'll not be even qualified as the GOP, canad..wait.

NONE of the weeiners we've had in government deserve to be in any political party other than the Greed Party.
I'm no longer going to refer to them as Republicians because what they stand for has nothing to do with my party.
Lets just take this whole rant to this problem I have with all the corrupt, ding dongs that have insulted people Nation Wide.

The GOP has NEVER supported, as a rule, anyone who has done what these people have.
Case in point: Mike Ragsdale.
He has 'bitten his lip' supporting a woman who's looted the tax payers at the expense of the poor and under privileged.
Say what you will about Republicans, they may be the party of "Personal Responsibility" but they have never been the party of taxing in order to enrich someone in the name of Social Services.
Libs luv to talk about how they wish to ignore the poor when it's just wanting them to try.
What they've done is take money meant for the poor and kept it.
The County Mayor and Staff have managed to defy political party's and create a party of 'Themselves'.
As a Republican, I'm insulted by their shenanigans.
As a Citizen, I'm Pissed.

BobbleHead will still serve as a Commissioner.
I'm not happy about that and worried he'll lead a 'Looting' the likes of which, no county in Tennessee have ever seen.
He's mad, got his ego/feelings/pride(?) hurt and think he'll not have his fellow Knox County neighbors interest as a priority- to say the least.

Several of the said AssHats have slipped thru the recent primary's.

J J Jones has to go. That dizzie punk has changed nothing after Hutch left and seeks the same fame. He may be ok, but as with all the positions he has to go.
Right, wrong or otherwise.
Witt, Sisk and the never elected Chuckles Bolus have no business in the government.

Note: I've mentioned no losers that have been dealt with BECAUSE they have been dealt with, duh. No since in waisting bandwidth over their justice.

Greg "Lumpy" Lambert.
Attention Whore.
Stupid Ass Embarrassment of his District.
Waste of Oxygen, possible candidate for Shallowest/Most Undesirable DNA in the History of genetic testing.
Lumpy Drawers disgraces his ancestors every time he opens his mouth.
He was recently referred to in a NYT article in a most horrible- but justified - way.
I'm betting, next day he was running around telling people,"I madde tha nu Ydork chimes!"
I'm sure that TWIT doesn't realize or won't admit to himself, that he's a disgrace and has disgraced his district, county, state and country.
His behavior SHOULD have earned a "possum" reference but we had to settle for the "catfish" ref, due to lack of a informed writer.

Lumpy, open your eyes, look around. You're not thought of well.

The next time I read Lumpy is a virtual "quote machine" or even close, I'm gonna start a letter writing campaign that could last til..ah..damn it a long time.
Lumpy, don't think it's over for a minute..
Tick, Tock.

My prayers and best wishes to the good people of West Tennessee.

Coming soon, ATTACK Georgia for even thinking about getting some of our water!