Saturday, January 19, 2008

Banks, TaxPayers, and Red Light Runners

This has nothing to do with the title.

What a title, right?

We've had an outbreak of Bank Robbers lately and I don't understand what makes all them think they can get away with it.
Maybe they don't.
Robbery of a Financial Institution is instantly going to involve the FBI.
Have the drugs gotten that much better?
Do these Asshats really think they'll get away with it?
I guess trying to make logic from an illogical act isn't a good idea. It gives me a head ache.

Ms Cynthia Finch has arisen!
First on HHH then the County Meeting where Lumpy Briches was allowed to challenge her remarks about racism.
Facts-as I see them:
1)Lumpy Drawers is a Jerk in the highest order of Jerks. He didn't provide the court with his cell records during the Sunshine Trial.
He got away with it.
2)Ms Finch is the same, minus the cell records.
She's been padding her family's pockets with $$ ever since she was in charge of the "Grant Program".
She needs to be investigated and prosecuted of she's been in the wrong-which is obvious.
She's been stealing from the Tax Payers like the Idiots have been steeling from the banks.

Red Light Cameras?
Their for revenue generation. Nothing more or less.
The Land of 10,000 lakes and Peas has said they were illegal.
(I'm not a fan of theirs but dang!)

The Virginia DOT " 2007 Virginia DOT Report Shows Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents"

I'm the first to say, "We aren't them" but hey! There isn't a reason for them and if other states realize that before us, I'll say so.

I am by NO MEANS Pro Red Light Running!
I just want the people accused of it to be 'face their accuser', which isn't happening now.
I want anyone running the lights to be caught by the police and not funding the foreign company, REDFLEX!