Saturday, October 20, 2007

BRAVO to the Alice Bell/Spring Hill Neighborhood Association!!!

Shining through the clouds of the Knox County Commissions ill-responsiable and selfish behavior, the Alice Bell/Spring Hill Neighborhood Association has made my WEEK!

According to the KnoxNews, the good folks of that community have sent back the $300 Chuckles Bolus sent them from the County's discretionary fund we entrusted to the County Seat he was keeping warm.
One hundred and forty (140) members of the group voted unanimously to send the money back.

KnoxNews quoted Chuckles as saying:
1)I’ve never had that happen before, I don’t know what to say. I hate they turned down the check.
2) They sure could have used the money.
3)One of the places I worked was in Alice Bell/Spring Hill. I went over there this past spring and summer and talked to people.
4)It’s true I don’t go to their neighborhood association very much. I’ve gotten out and knocked on doors over there.

Mr. Bolus:
1) Ronnie Collins has an infinite amount more credibility than you have or will have for years to come.
2) I hope it never happens again because you're gone from local politics.
3) Yep, they could have used the money but you see, just because they could have used it doesn't make it right to take. YOU FAIL to understand the most basic rules of ethical behavior.
4) It's kinda strange that of 140 people living in an area where you 'knocked on doors', no one thought keeping the money was a good idea.
-Is it possible you were in the wrong neighborhood? Perhaps Concord Park area?

Ronnie Collins has lived in the Alice Bell/Spring Hill neighborhood for 19 years and has been association president for 10 years was quoted:
1)Since he was appointed in our district, we’ve never seen the man, never heard from him
2)I have one member who sent him five e-mails and left two or three messages on his phone and never heard back from him. We were disappointed in the way things have been done from the appointment all the way through

Mr Bolus, Unreturned emails and phone calls? They haven't seen or heard from you.
Did you really think that behavior would be forgotten with $300 of the tax payers money?
Do you have or have you ever had any shame?
Your answers to the questions in the Court recently weren't credible.
You've been out to Concord Park fund raising? Isn't the Duck Pond good enough for you?
You may be as innocent as a newborn baby, but you've picked the wrong crowd to align yourself with.
If you're innocent, you're not-too-smart and if you knowingly did what everyone thinks you did-with Scoobie- you're criminal.
Why are you so intent on putting yourself and your family through this? Haven't you put them through enough?
Is Scoobie making you do this?
Does he have something on you?
Are you aware why you aren't holding that County Commission Seat anymore? Were you paying attention?
Do you really think, if re-appointed, theres enough time for you to regain any respect you may have once had MUCH LESS elected?
News Flash, Sir. It ain't gonna happen.
Please do us all a favor and get out of politics.
I'd say after your court performance, you should consider yourself lucky to have job.
It's a free country and you can do what you want, but anyone that tells you you have a chance at being elected ANYTHING is lying to you.
You can't flip a switch and regain your credibility.
Scoobie will fail at his next attempt at any elected office and neither of you can help one another.

I'de like to say "I welcome any response from you", but it's too late.
You've showed yourself to be the person you truly are, under oath.
You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.
Please just go back to working for the County School and try to keep that job.
You've embarrassed the 2nd District enough.