Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's been a while...

Sorry for not posting more regularly-in case anyone noticed.

So where will I begin?

#1 Erin McLean.
The news of Eric McLeans 1st degree murder upgrade is a shame.
Having first hand knowledge of crazy relationships, I truly sympathize with him and couldn't feel worse about Sean being killed.
It all comes back to the Tramp he's married to.
There's much that can be debated, concerning his state of mind, guilt, etc.., but what I'm thinking now is Where is the Tramp Erin and -more importantly, where are the kids?
I've posted enough on the KnoxNews site to somewhat relieve myself of the pent up frustration of the whole screwed up situation- it's here-in case anyone's interested.
The main point of my concern is the children.
It's Christmas and we don't have a clue if they'll be locked in a bathroom or free to roam about while she 'Makes Whoopie' with her boy toys.
Are they warm? Will they spend any of this Christmas with Sane people who love them?
Can you imagining what Eric is going through now, thinking about them?
Not long ago, a woman and her 15yr old were having a domestic dispute and some how or another, the Sheriffs Dept wound up searching their home.
They found a pipe used to smoke a plant.
The Sheriffs Dept had Tennessee DCS come in and take the child away.
He was away for 2 weeks-as I recall.
They took a child out of a loving home because they found a pipe used for smoking weed and Erin McLean is roaming the country, screwing teenagers, in front of her kids who aren't in school.
It's also said she stays in 'cheap hotels' and leaves when she is unable to pay the bills!
They can't give her divorce papers because she isn't in one place long enough.

Right now, I wish some Law Enforcement Officer would find a "grass pipe" in her possession.
She'd get a $50 fine and DCS could take the kids.
I pray those boys, of 11 and 8 (6th and 3rd grade?) are safe, warm, nourished and will soon be out of her custody.
The story was sensational when Eric, in whatever state of mind, pulled that trigger because of her.
Now, she's ruining 2 boy's lives, dragging them around the country, and the TV cameras are gone.
It's impossible to -and I don't wish to pretend to know it all or assign horrible story's, say who's committing the bigger atrocity.
Eric shot that boy who didn't know what he was getting into and likely had been told he was "The One" but what she's doing to those boys is awful and if I didn't believe she was sick, I'd say she was possessed by the devil himself.
The Knox County DA Nichole's and The State of Tennessee need to be advised:
Should anything happen to those kids, it'll be on their hands.
There needs to be an Amber Alert for them NOW.

#2 The $6 Million Dollar Farce.

Last Thursday night/Friday morning, I couldn't sleep.
I got on-line and saw a story about a $6 million tax break being sought by a developer.
The story I read said the project it concerned was endorced by Scoobie Moore, Ragsdale, and Larry Smith.
Of course I had to comment and said "Bad idea, bad to use tax breaks, bad for the area, bad business and shady supporters."
Upon awakening that morning, I learned of an equal concern from my fellow posters at KnoxNews.
The idea that they were thinking about something that would increase traffic, storm water problems, and Shady people (Our Commissioners and County Mayor) promoting the idea was ludicrous! The idea that the Developer was seeking tax breaks was Stupid.
Later that morning, a poster whose ID is bird_dog discovered an Earnest Moore living in the area.
With the help of several other posters, it was determined Earnest had signed the document for Scoobie's 25 to run for County Clerk.
In the blink of an eye, it was obvious, that Earnest was Scoobie's Dad.
I thought, 'how perfect'.
I left for the day soon after and by the time I got home, Scoobie had anounced he wasn't planning to vote due to his desire to "avoid even the appearance of any potential conflict of interest" due to his parents home's possible appreciation.
Bad news Scoobie. Too late.
That development should be going to Union County. They don't really even have a grocery store there and the traffic wouldn't be as bad a problem as on 33.
It's becoming a pattern that anything Scoobie touches turns into a shady deal.
It's ashame no one's been watching him for his whole time in office. Maybe he wouldn't have been elected for a second term.
Halls Residents: Scoobie isn't your friend and he's in it for himself.
Larry Smith? Same.
Rags? Do I really need to say it?

#3 Travis and Jonathan

The associated press did a story that was picked up locally about a couple of guys that are doing some funny stuff on politics on Youtube.
I first learned about them after visiting Rep. Stacey Campfield's Blog, Camp4you a while back.
These guys have way too much time on their hands and I wish it was me...
Their both Middle Tennessee boys who have a pretty funny series going about National Politics
because as "Dunlap" tells it,"Local politics is a fool's game, and I thought we should aim for the top."
Suddenly, I'm resisting the urge to agree with him and with Knox County Specifics.
Their "RedStateUpDate" is good and they have 300 some video's on Youtube. I highly recommend them for a good laugh.

#4 Some News Breifs from lately, kinda...

a) The UN has been inflating AIDS cases in Africa, along with projections.
I really hate it when someone lies to try to get their point across.

b) Albert Arnold Gore has been slamming his(our) country overseas again. Cloaked in his 'Global Warming' rants, he allowed that we were the biggest problem with the Kyoto Treaty not being adopted.
AAGJR needs to STFU.
How did we get the privilege of being his home state? Why does he stay after we didn't support him in 2000? Can't he take a hint?
That dude really chaps my buuuuuuttocks!
Sometime when you get a chance, Google him and his familys dealings with Occidential Petroleum. He is what he is today largely because of the payments made to his family from them.
Oil. Al. Al Sr. And?
Armand Hammer. With all his USSR/Russian ties AND Big Oil!

c)CNN really does mean the Clinton News Network.
-They let Hillary plant people with prearranged questions in their audience.
-They then let people with KNOWN DEMOCRATIC ties pose as 'independents' to question the GOP during their debate, asking STUPID question instead of meaningful one's that would allow us to start forming opinions of the people debating!
-Don't take my word for it! If the LA Times and the 'Daily Kos'. think their too "Clinton" what else proof do you need?
They're carrying her water, providing Aid and Comfort to the Ene... ah...Hillary.

d) P J Clapp is doing it again.
This time for free.
Jackass 2.5 will be posted on the internet, free, starting soon, in smaller version 'tricks'.
Congrats Johnny Knoxville.
I once thought you weren't the best ambassador for the Great State of Tennessee but after watching Albert Arnold, continue to humiliate our State and our Country, act like 'his' Global Warming is a religious calling, and Talk Down the US, to a bunch of Foreign Loons, You're OK in my book. At least you're honest.

Hummmm.....I just had a thought, a JackAss thought...
Johnny Knoxville and Albert Arnold Gore, A Gas BBQ Grill, 2 gallons of Wesson oil, a plane and a parachute. Johnny's feet never leave the ground but Albert....
Global JackAss Warming.
I like the sound of that..
(Note to self: Call PJ, ASAP!)

I'll be back around sooner than I was the last time.
Anyone reading has my best Christmas wishes..
Oh yea, from Ben Stein, read it!

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