Sunday, February 10, 2008

The more I think about it...

In light of all thats happened in the last year, there's one thing for sure:

Either 'Better things will result' or 'Worse things will happen' but HISTORY will record, IT WAS the DISHONEST EXPLOITS of Government and what happened/what was discovered in *2007* in our County Government that caused it.

That ONE thing will be written/recorded about this county and I hope the innocent descendants of those Dishonest, Greedy, Shallow, Dumb Ass's will be able to grow up without the SHAME they've caused ALL of us.

The Internet will record it for generations to see, verify and study-
-NO trips to UT to dig out old Micro-fiche,
-NO stories passed down from family and friends.
-Verifiable, many kinds of media, for millions of years, God Willing.
-The Truth and their Embarrassing DETAILS.

I hope The Dishonest realize it.


"They were trying to get me!, It was the KNS!" said Uncle/Grandpa/Great Aunt X.

"I just saw that commission meeting, grandpa/Uncle/Great Aunt X and you didn't follow the law!" exclaimed little X.
In the year 2030! 2130! Forever.

More history about Scott Moore is already available on-line than will EVER be about Jake and (rest his soul)C.H. Butcher. Not much good, either.
Congratulations, Mr Moore.
Same for Rags.
Same for Lumpy.
Same for Finch.
Same for Smith
Same for Hutch
Same for J J Jo.
Same for ALL the dishonest-questionable integrity elected.



contrarymary said...

I feel your pain! We showed some of them, and have a few more to oust before its over! When the message is clear, that we here in Knoxville, will no longer tolerate government corruption, wasting our tax monies, cronyism, elitism...well ain't got started on that one yet, covering up crimes by friends, etc., then only the morally good need apply.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud,

Rags chickie


Roux said...

Hey, BTJ!

I always look for your posts on KNS; enjoy seeing your take on what's going on up there.

I mostly agree with you; not always, but mostly, and I like that you are always respectful to those with whom you disagree (not always the case with so many posters!)

I'm removed from the day-to-day happenings up there, but I'm still interested in what happens because we have a home there (that our daughter lives in and caretakes for us) and it affects her.

I'm straying from what I wanted to say...

I watch for your posts on the KNS website and visit your blog... so you gotta update more often!

Take care my friend (if I may take that liberty?) and I'll be watching for you on KNS. (I post there infrequently as "Sharav")

Cheers and a big ol' "Where Y'at, Dawlin'" to ya!


#87 said... brain you got there BTJ!


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